Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SUZI CLUE: The Mystery of the Prom Queen Curse by MICHELLE KEHM

Though the cover makes the book look like it's for kids, Suzi Clue is actually an awesome mystery book for teens. It follows Suzi, a freshman girl with a unique fashion sense and pink stripes in her hair. Suzi's locker is next to popular GiGi's. GiGi is the lead candidate for prom queen until someone locks her in the gym basement and plants spiders in the pom pom bag. GiGi emerges with spider bites on her legs and a threat written on her locker. Soon the other candidates for queen find themselves in similar predicaments and the school is abuzz with word of a prom queen curse. Suzi loves a good mystery, so of course she decides to solve it and save prom.
I really loved this mystery because Suzi was a very realistic character who is witty and smart. As she gathered the clues, I tried to solve the mystery, but luckily there were enough twists and turns that I didn't find out until the very end when Suzi finally did. Recommended for ages 13+

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