Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Derby Girl is about Bliss, a 16 yr old Pageant Queen...sort of. Her mother wants her to be a pageant queen but Bliss is into indie music and boys. She finds a flier for a roller derby match, so she and her friend Pash check it out. Bliss instantly falls in love with the unusual sport and heads to tryouts the next week. Though she was never very athletic, Bliss discovers that she is really really good at derby. Even though she is the youngest- and claims to be 18, she becomes one of the stars on her team. She also meets a hot guy who is into music and derby too. Suddenly she finds her life consumed by derby and finds herself alienated from her family, who has no idea she is in derby, and her best friend Pash.
This is an exciting story with the usual drama of high school and boys with the added element of derby action and excitement.
Here's a trailer for the movie Whip it! which is based on the book. I'm super excited to see it!

Also, here's a link for the local roller derby team, Quad-City Rollers.

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