Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dead is Not an Option

Dead is Not an Option is another great installment in the Dead is series by Marlene Perez. (and the last?) Daisy is nearing the end of Senior Year and something sinister is brewing in Nightshade. Tension is high between the Weres and Vamps and the Council cannot seem to keep it under control. Many weres and vamps have been found dead or injured and both blame the other side. This causes some tension within Daisy's family as well, because the sisters are dating both vamps and weres. To add to the stress, Daisy has not heard from any of the colleges to which she applied.
Of course, Daisy takes it upon herself to help Chief Mendez and Mr Bone solve the murders and attacks. She uses her detective and her psychic abilities to aid in the hunt.
As always, the characters are very real and likable. The story contains many twists and turns, with more than just one conflict to solve. Teens will love this fun and slightly dark series.