Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sixteen year old DJ has been running the family farm ever since her dad broke his hip and her two older brothers left for college. It hasn't been easy for her, but she rarely complains and enjoys the hard work. Her father's friend, football coach for a rival high school's team sends over his quarterback to learn hard work from DJ. She shows him the ropes of working on the farm, helps him train for the upcoming football season, and unexpectedly finds herself falling for him. With his encouragement, DJ begins to speak up for herself and let her family know that she needs a life outside of the farm. And that life includes trying out for her high school's football team.

Dairy Queen is a funny book, easy to read, and full of realistic teen dialogue-nothing poetic or airy. The story has a typical romantic subplot, but takes a few twists and turns, and ultimately focuses on the bigger changes in DJ's life.
DQ is filled with likeable, real characters- DJ is not your typical smart or beautiful heroine, she is your everyday girl struggling with insecurities and being pulled in many directions. Although not preachy or cheesy, the book teaches readers the importance of finding balance in life, speaking up for yourself, and overcoming obstacles.

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