Friday, April 29, 2011

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

Shark Girl is similar to the story in the new movie Soul Surfer. It's a novel about Jane, who is attacked by a shark. She is pulled to shore by her brother, where she suffers shock and loses most memory of the incident. She awakes in the hospital days later, after being put in a coma to prevent brain injury. Lucky to be alive, Jane must now cope with having her entire arm amputated.
Jane isn't comfortable with the odd stares and sudden outpouring of emotion for her. She even starts to receive fan mail. She becomes very depressed as she can no longer draw and create art as well as she used to. Making matters worse, she is having trouble adapting to her prosthetic limb, and still feels phantom pain where her arm used to be. Will she ever be able to get her old life back?
This is a great read for boys and girls, ages 11+

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