Monday, November 1, 2010


My Life as a Book, written by Janet Tashjian, is all about the funny and artistic Derek. He's a bit of a slacker in school and despises reading books. What he really likes is drawing and reading comics. His mother tries to bribe him into reading but he ends up hiding in the attic and searching through all the old boxes. Inside one of them he finds an old newspaper article with the headline, Local Girl Found Dead on Beach. This peaks his interest even moreso when his mother confiscates it and throws it away.

Derek ends up in Learning Camp AKA Summer School and is assigned to read and report on three books over the summer. Yeah right. Instead, Derek finds himself investigating the mysterious newspaper article and trying to figure out why it was in their attic.

This is a fun mystery read with a good character that most kids can relate to. Derek's doodles fill the pages' margins and add humor to the story.

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