Saturday, March 27, 2010

YouTube Red Carpet Premiere

Check out the grand prize winning videos here...

and here's a list of the winners!


The 3rd Annual IMAX screening event was a hit! Check out the list of winners:
Best Cinematography- Words Can Mend by Shelby Bargren

Best Original Screenplay- A Day in the Life of Stephen King by Steven Bieber, Anjel Niaves, Thomas Bieber

Best Costume Design- Anime Surfing by Liberty Meyer, Ernest Meyer, Victoria Meyer, Tami Koob, Zac Dague

Best Action Video- Adventures of Candy by Dorothy Weaver and Taylor Myrick

Best Drama- Stephenie Meyer: Daydreamer by Christine Hultquist, Stephanie Pete, Carlie Mullins, Maggie Kirby

Best Directing- A Day in the Life of Stephenie Meyer by Justin Wheeler and Alex Bock

Best Comedy- Red Riding Hood by Ali and Gabi Lenger

Best Acting- Ouran High School Host Club by Gabriella Garrido, Maya Garrido, Susana Garrido, Brandon Stephens, Caitlyn Stineman, Rhiannon Moore, Kaitlyn Martin

Best Sound Effects- Z.Rex by Nathan and Brady Bargren

Best Soundtrack- Makoto and Chiaki by Kimber Johnston

Best Visual Effects- The Magic Lights by Ben, Matt, and Josh Haycraft

Best Suspense- The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod trailer by Trent Dailey

Best Animated Short Film-The Visit to Dr. Pepper by Ben, Matt, and Josh Haycraft

Librarian’s Choice Award-A Day in the Life of Stephen King

Viewer’s Choice Award-Ouran High School Host Club

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