Tuesday, November 17, 2009


To get into the holiday spirit, I read Let It Snow, a collection of three holiday romance stories. It came out last yr in hardcover, but is now available in paperback.

Though technically romance stories, they are actually really funny and would appeal to some guys as well. Each of the three stories centers on one town where a train has been stopped on Christmas Eve due to a terrible snowstorm. The first story is about a girl who was going to Florida on the train, but got stranded in this small town. At the Waffle House she meets a guy who invites her to spend Christmas with his Jewish family. The second story is about three friends who are trying to make their way through the snow to the Waffle House for hashbrowns and cheerleaders... The third story follows a girl who spends her holidays heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend and then having him stand her up when she tried to apologize. Characters and places in all three stories intersect.

Though I enjoyed the stories, they were really "winter stories" rather than holiday. Didnt get me into the holiday mood, but I did have fun and a few laughs reading the book. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

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