Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Kaida and two of her classmates she doesn’t know well get stuck riding together in a van on a class trip to Carlsbad Caverns. Kaida drifts off to sleep and wakes up as the van careens off the road, rolls and burst into flames. Her and her two classmates escape and wait roadside in the desert. It starts to pour so they run into a cave. As they go deeper into the cave, Joy falls into a hole and the other two fall in trying to help her.

Suddenly, Kaida wakes up and she is at home in her own bed, about a week before the trip is supposed to take place. She figures it’s all a dream until she goes to school and both Zeke and Joy come to tell her that they had the same experience. Other things are off in the world they live in. As Zeke and Kaida are walking home, they see a man get struck by a car. No one seems to notice or do anything to help. Instead, a cleaning crew comes, cleans up the mess, and takes the man’s body. Nothing is quite the same as it used to be, so they try to uncover why, but they aren’t supposed to know the truth.

Faye Kellerman is a best selling adult mystery author and she wrote this one with her daughter. It's a great mystery with some action thrown in as well.

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