Monday, August 24, 2009


Brutal is a cute book about Poe, who is sent to live with her absentee father after her mother deserts her to provide aid in South America. The story follows Poe as she tries to get to know her dad and figure out why he left their family in the first place. She has always been a free thinker and a bit of a trouble maker so, at her new school, she tries to stir things up by pointing out all the unfairness to school administrators. This causes some trouble as her dad is the school counselor. However, Poe thinks it is necessary as she is trying to protect her sort-of-friend Velveeta after he becomes the target of some vicious bullies.
The story was interesting, but I would have liked a little more character development with Velveeta and Theo. It was a fast read and will appeal to boys and girls age 13+

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